Apply for LNC 119



Can I apply to both LnC and Lambda Sigma?


Yes, you may. However, at a certain point in the selection process, we will ask you to withdraw your application to Lambda Sigma if you wish to continue. You may not be a part of both organizations.

What if I plan on studying abroad?


Lock and Chain is a year-long commitment. Do not apply if you are studying abroad Fall or Spring semester.

How many rounds of interviews are there?


As many as necessary. The next class, however, will be announced before the end of the Spring semester.

What if my GPA is below a 3.0?


We want to make sure applicants will be able to maintain academic performance and handle the challenges of being a member of Lock and Chain. That being said, although a 3.0 GPA is strongly recommended, it is not required.

For any other questions or concerns, talk to members of the active class, ask alumni, or email