Colleen _Eunoia_ Bishop.jpg
Colleen "Eunoia" Bishop

Colleen is a military brat who has lived in Florida, Oklahoma, Germany, and Kansas and is double majoring in International Area Studies and Economics and minoring in Anthropology at the school of Arts & Sciences. During the regular school year, she’s involved in SIR and plays on the Women’s Rugby Team. Colleen joined LNC, because she wanted to participate in an important on-campus organization, make some new close friends, and continue her journey towards a productive future. You can find her in one of three places: enjoying a latte in Whisper’s, holed away doing work in her apartment, or out on the quad sharing a hammock with her friends.

Raiden "Compass" Mason

Raiden is studying Accounting and the Business of Sports, which doesn’t sound like the most exciting but he thinks it’s a pretty good time. Coming from Raleigh, North Carolina, Raiden has gotten involved on campus through WAGS, Moneythink, Best Buddies, and of course, LNC. Raiden loves hoops and rap music, often enjoying the two of them at the same time. If he had a lot of money he would open up a dog sanctuary on a mountain somewhere. It would probably have a lake so the dogs could swim. Actually, it would definitely have a lake. He joined Lock and Chain to grow as a person, and personal growth is a very important journey in his eyes. You can usually catch Raiden somewhere outside, gazing at the scenery and drinking a blue La Croix.

Ronelle _Refulgence_ Williams.JPG
Ronelle "Refulgence" Williams

Ronelle is from Douglasville, Georgia and is  majoring in Psychology and minoring in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies on a 3-2 track for occupational therapy. At WashU, she is an APM for DenebSTARs, treasurer for Interrogating Incarceration, program assistant for FSAP, and Co-founder of STL Reentry Collective. She applied for Lock & Chain for its community engagement and intra-group bonding. Ronelle can talk for hours about animation, nature crafts, her friendships, and post-apocalyptic, fantasy, or romantic novels. Her fun fact is that she loves chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips and would rather pick around a cookie than eat a sugar one. A secret skill she possesses is to synthesize information from a movie or book and be able to mostly hold a conversation with a professional on a topic she knows only minimally about.

Caroline "Confluence" Chou

Caroline is a Taiwanese Canadian double majoring in French and Biology at WashU. During the school year, Caroline is a first year international student leader, and she’s also involved in the Taiwanese student organization, WashU symphony orchestra, and the women's rugby team. In her free time, she enjoys annoying her friends with her Canadian vocabulary (for example it’s pencil crayon, not coloured pencils) then apologizing afterwards, playing soccer or golf, and having conversations with Siri. Currently taking a gap year, Caroline has been keeping herself busy by working at a lab where she looks at mouse hearts all day, and exploring Taiwan by hiking and camping on the weekends. Caroline joined lock and chain for the close-knit community and she is looking forward to getting to know everyone better in the upcoming year!

Leandra "Fluency" Djomo

Leandra is a Cameroonian from New York double-majoring in International Area Studies and Korean with a minor in Global Film Studies. She takes part in the community at WashU through her job as a student blogger, an APM for Deneb STARS, a member of the West African dance team Kwenu, as well as other multicultural student organizations. Leandra spends a lot of her time looking for more languages to learn–currently speaks English and French fluently, took Spanish in highschool, and is taking Korean now–and analyzing movies and shows! Her fun fact is that she accidentally kicked a chicken when she was young and that led to her love of learning about new cultures and languages. Leandra joined Lock and Chain in search for a community that values group bonding as much as it values ensuring each other's overall success.

Sarah "Intention" del Carmen Camacho

Sarah del Carmen is a Nicaraguan-American born and raised in the California Bay Area. She is majoring in International and Area Studies and Educational Studies, with a minor in Chinese Language. In addition to her Lock and Chain community, Sarah del Carmen is a Rodriguez Scholar and secretary for Alpha Psi Lambda, WashU’s co-ed Latinx interest fraternity. Though she is currently remote, on campus you can find Sarah del Carmen rehearsing or performing for a theatre production, tutoring for Niños, Cambios, Puertas, and crocheting with WashU’s String Theory Club. Sarah del Carmen applied to Lock and Chain because of the commitment each class has to community, learning, growth, and diversity. She strongly believes you won’t find another collective like Lock and Chain on campus. Her fun fact is that she made her own jeans at the age of ten!

Renée _Substance_ Austin.jpg
Renée "Substance" Austin

Renée is from Seattle, WA, but grew up in Chicago and moved to Phoenix during her childhood. She plans to study Dance and Psychology, in addition to pursuing Pre-Health. At WashU, she is a Washington University Student Associate (WUSA), the PR Chair for the WashU Hip Hop Union (WUHHU) Executive Board, a member of the Questbridge Scholar and Deneb STARS leadership programs, and a member of CityDance, a dance club focused on outreach and dance education for St. Louis youth. Renée joined Lock and Chain to become a part of a legacy of leaders serving the WashU community, in addition to bonding with and learning from her peers. In her spare time, Renée loves to choreograph, make playlists, exercise, spend time outside, and spend time with her family and friends, be it over Zoom or socially distanced in person. A fun fact about Renée is that she has been dancing since she was 2 years old and has training in over 10 different styles!

Vivienne _Dynamism_ Chang.jpg
Vivienne "Dynamism" Chang

Vivienne is a double major in Economics and Finance with a minor in Dance (which is very exciting!) originally from the Bay Area. She considers herself as a very excitable person as showcased through the myriad of things she is part of - WashU Dance Theater, Student Life Newspaper, Taiwanese Student Organization, Chinese Yo-Yo Club, and Moneythink. In her free time she loves to write Yelp reviews and exercise with my friends over Zoom! Vivienne can talk about many things for hours, but here are her few favorite conversation points - ask her about her endeavors into promoting Taiwanese/Taiwanese American culture in my community AND whale sharks (her favorite animal). Vivienne is excited to join Lock and Chain this year and bring some DYNAMISM! Shout out to her mom, dad, and little sister - 我愛你!

Bihotza _Kinesis_ James-Lejarcegui.jpeg
Bihotza "Kinesis" James-Lejarcegui

Bihotza is majoring in International & Area Studies and minoring in French. She currently lives in Minnesota, but grew up in Iowa City, Iowa, and lived a year in Ecuador for her gap year before attending college. At Wash U, she is a Rodriguez Scholar, an APM for Deneb STARS, a dancer on WUSauce, and the Vice President of the newly founded club WNMA (Women & NonBinary Multicultural Association)! She applied for Lock & Chain because she felt that clubs at Wash U are often either socially oriented without a clear purpose, or have a strong agenda without a sense of community, and that Lock & Chain combines both family-bond with community service. Bihotza enjoys the outdoors, fostering her emotions through the arts, traveling, activism, and relishing in her friendships. Her fun fact is that she lived a few years of her childhood on her grandparent’s llama farm.

Christian _Vitality_ Bean.JPG
Christian "Vitality" Bean

Christian is majoring in chemical engineering with an undeclared minor. He currently lives in Sacramento, but grew up near Los Angeles, California. In addition to being a scholar, he’s currently involved in the Washington University Track & Field team, where he runs short distance sprints. Outside of campus he has a part-time job at Chik-Fil-A where he’s an assistant manager. In his free time, Christian enjoys being active, being creative, and engaging with his community wherever he sees fit. His main role in Lock & Chain is serving as the secretary. “I joined Lock & Chain because I’ve always had a passion for community service, and this organization was clearly the best option for allowing me to not only continue that desire, but also grow an incredibly strong bond with the other members in it. I believe that sense of family is something we all need in college. I could not be more proud and honored to be a part of Lock & Chain 117”

Justin _Resilience_ Woods.jpg
Justin "Resilience" Woods

Justin is from a small suburb in Illinois known as Flossmoor, but moved to Chicago and spent most of his childhood in the city. His involvement on campus at WashU includes being the Vice President of the historically black multicultural fraternity Phi Beta Sigma, an active member of the Black Men’s Coalition, and a player on the Club Tennis Travel Team. Justin is planning on majoring in Cognitive Neuroscience and minoring in Computer Science, with the hopes of continuing his academic and career interests in medical school. Additionally, Justin works through the Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA) program to tutor kids from disadvantaged highschools in the St. Louis area. In his spare time, he enjoys drawing, watercolor painting, and playing the piano. Justin joined Lock and Chain to form a tight-knit community within a group of passionate and innovative peers. 

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