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Kalid "Altruism" Mohammed

Kalid “Altruism” Mohammed (he/him/his) is majoring in Biology: Neuroscience and minoring in Anthropology. Kalid is from Atlanta, Georgia and originally from Ethiopia. Kalid enjoys swimming, hanging out with family and friends, and watching tv shows. He joined lock and chain because he wanted to help the washu and St. Louis community while working as a team to craft ideas and make change. Kalid enjoys working with the other members and values the different ideas that they bring to lock and chain.

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Tiana "Solace" Mao

Tiana is from Memphis, TN and is majoring in Philosophy, Neuroscience, and Psychology, with a minor in Biology. She is involved with WashU as a WUSA, a PLTL leader, and a member of the Chinese Student Association. Tiana joined this club to be more involved with WashU traditions and to immerse herself with meaningful acts of service that will both give back to the community and allow her to meet like-minded and passionate people. In her spare time, you can find her in Olin Library munching on a chocolate chip scone, trying out new local restaurants, or trying to find every aesthetic study spot on campus.

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Analiese “Zest” Knight

Analiese is from Claremont, CA and is majoring in Anthropology: Global Health and Environment and minoring in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. At WashU, she is a Fun Room DUCSA, a host for Bear Bustle, and a member of LIVE. She also enjoys playing tennis, singing and performing for fun, and obsessively listening to the same handful of musicians on repeat. You can probably find Analiese on campus walking around with cat treats in her backpack in search of the campus cats. She joined Lock and Chain to get out of her comfort zone, make new friends, and have the opportunity to make a lasting impact at WashU.

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Courtney "Love" Arellano

Courtney is a Marketing major with a design minor from Naperville, IL. At WashU, she is a Rodriguez Scholar, a dance on Garba, and a member of WUMA. When she is not busy winning at Mario Kart, you can find her with a matcha latte at the DUC, or being DJ at game night wither her friends. Courtney joined Lock and Chain because she wanted to join a community that would allow her to create those close bonds with others, share her passion for diversity, and facilitate community on campus.

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Valencia "Cantenation" Ajeh

Valencia is from Powder Springs, Georgia and is majoring in Environmental Earth Sciences with a minor in African and African-American studies with hopes of continuing her education into a PhD program. At WashU she is an APM for DenebSTARs, program assistant for FSAP, research assistant for a lab in the Earth and Planetary Sciences department, inaugural chancellor career fellow and current peer mentor for the chancellor career fellows. In her free time she loves to watch cartoons and sleep. Valencia joined Lock & Chain to get more involved in the WashU community after campus activities were limited her first year because of covid. A fun fact about Valencia is that she worked in an ice cream shop for 2 ½ years

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Christina "Sedulity" Walker

Christina is a Stockbridge, Georgia native majoring in Psychological and Brain Sciences with a minor in Legal Studies. At WashU, she is a member of the Women’s Basketball team, an Aspirational Peer Mentor for DenebSTARs, the Vice President of Queens, and a chair member on the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. In her free time, she enjoys watching YouTube and Netflix, listening to music, and playing basketball. Christina joined Lock & Chain because she is passionate about facilitating student cohesiveness and good times on campus. A fun fact about Christina is that she is the owner of her own brand and business, ChristInA Girl, that aims to uplift, inspire, and empower girls and women worldwide!

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Angela “Coherence” Li

She uses she/her/hers pronouns and is a marketing and finance major with a minor in East Asian Language and Cultures. She is originally from the Bay Area in California and enjoys scrolling through Instagram and watching cat videos in her free time. When she heard of Lock&Chain, she thought it would be a great opportunity to meet new people and help the St. Louis community at the same time.

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Emma "Regeneration"

Emma is majoring in environmental analysis and education studies with a minor in film and media studies and from the Bay Area, California. On campus, she writes for Terra and off campus, she spends time organizing for climate lobbying group: Change the Chamber Lobby for Climate. Aside from that, in her free time she loves to cook and watch niche documentaries or coming of age art flicks. Lock and Chain has been a great group of friends and a amazing chance to involve herself in the tradition that is WashU.

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Bihotza "Kinesis" James-Lejarcegui

“Cognizance” Ken Soe (he/him) is a chemistry major from NYC, NY. Ken likes to spend evenings watching movies and TV shows in his bedroom. He likes pastries and long showers. He like listening to entire albums from start to finish and competitive afternoon board games with his friends. Lastly, it has been said that he likes science.

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